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Chocolate Potluck & Passion Show

  • CorUnum Yurt 5990 Old West Saanich Road Victoria, BC, V9E Canada (map)

Gather at CorUnum Yurt to celebrate and showcase our individual passions, while warming and nourishing our souls around CorUnum beautiful Temple in the Woods and feasting upon the Food of the Gods!!


The CurUnum Yurt
5990 Old West Saanich Road
*Ride Shares offered, requested, please post on this page and connect~

*Non-Chocolate Items Welcome, but your sanity may be questioned!*

*Ingredients Lists Appreciated*

*Suggested Donation of $10 to cover space rental and CorUnum Yurt Heat Fund!*

Two Major Points:

***What is a Passion Show?!***

Think Open Mic or Show n' Tell! Remember you don't have to be a performer! This is simply a safe space where you are free to share anything that you are passionate about; it may be a talent you have honed, it may be a treasured gift from a loved one, or perhaps it is a favourite story! Be creative!! No pressure to share anything other than your attention and good cheer! Spectators welcome! Accordians welcome! Stories of chocolate fueled ecstasy encouraged!

***Chocolate Poluck?! Hallelujah! But surely it is Fair Trade!!***

Yes! Your prayers have been answered! CHOCOLATE POTLUCK!!! Few foods evoke a sense of rich passion like chocolate does. Chocolate has been referred to as the “Food of the Gods”, and it has a history that is surrounded by legend and mystery. Cacao has been discovered to contain more antioxidants than any other food, and it is now known to be the greatest anti-aging food on Earth. Planting a cacao tree in the rainforest is known to attract an average of 40 new species of birds! No trees need to be cut down, and its mere presence causes an explosion of life and diversity. The spirit of cacao is truly magical; its incredible taste is simply a reflection.

There is a dark side to his incredible food however. Today, 43% of chocolate comes from the Ivory Coast, a country where child slavery is commonly used to harvest the bean. Hershey, the largest producer of chocolate in the world, is being sued on allegations that its supply line includes cacao harvested through child labour.

Bottom Line --> Do your research! If it doesn't say Fair Trade on the package, it probably isn't! Indulge guilt free and know that you are supporting local communities thrive! Some great brands are Navitas, Giddy Yoyo, Harmonic Arts, and Camino. Support our global tribe with your compassionate purchasing!!

Just a few places you can find Fair Trade Chocolate here in Victoria. Feel free to share more locations!

Ingredients Health Food & Apple Cafe
2031 Store St, Victoria BC

Lifestyle Markets
2950 Douglas St, Victoria BC
343 Cook St, Victoria BC

Health Essentials Supplements
Suite 101-300 Gorge Rd West Victoria

45000 Reasons to Buy Fairtrade Chocolate - Heartwarming Video! ♥

This will be a night of delicious beauty, abundance, and sharing! There is little that brings people together like a potluck... But a chocolate potluck?! Chocolate Potluck Passion Show!

Bring your loved ones and let us celebrate the beauty of our tribe, the magic of life, and the Goddess Cacao!


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