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The Art of Suble vibration: Yin Yoga and Sound

  • CorUnum Yurt 5990 Old West Saanich Road Victoria, BC, V9E Canada (map)

Join Jacquelina and Ocian for our relaxation journey through Vibrational Medicine. Using voice, live instruments and insightful guidance we go inward through our physical, mental, emotional, and energetic selves and remember our essential nature.

Value: $22 (if you need a different number, we can honor many needs. Please reach out)

About Yin Yoga:

This offering will invite you to explore a slow, deep and personal practice. Jacquelina will guide you with clear, verbal cuing that will allow you to feel the teachings of your inner landscape. Relax and stay open to receive the teachings that come through your inner world. Open up your conscious space, and allow energy to find freedom through the vibrations of this journey and the wisdom of your breath. Remember the language of your inner world, reweave your energetic web, and rediscover the codings of your Spirit. These teachings move through everyone, and we each have the opportunity to exlore these sacred, ancient and universal medicines individually while journeying together.

About SoundSeed Medicine Journeys:

SoundSeed Medicine Journeys can be described as a shamanic experience. Laying down, participants can go into a deep almost a trance-like state. Ocian begins with the soft sounds of the Koshi Chimes and the reminder to breath while the body softens tension and finds relaxation. A moment of stillness brings in the crystal bowls in with the anticipation of the Harmonic Language through her beautiful voice. This Language speaks completely differently to each individual present depending on what the participant is ready to hear. The journey will last the duration of our Yoga practice. Towards the end, the lyre is sounded over bodies which furthers the participants release or alignment of all aspects of being. Afterwards, there is integration and sharing time.

Ocian: Ocian is the founder of SoundSeed Medicine Journeys. As a certified sound practitioner, reiki master, energy artist, Ocian works in both groups and one-on-one, diving deep into sound, the benefits and the profound experiences within this shamanic journey. She is a visionary, spiritual activist and uses Sound Medicine as a branch of energy work. Using beautiful vocal toning and crystal singing bowl frequencies, she works to find balance in the emotional, mental, physical and energetic bodies. She practices claraudience and channels the ancient Harmonic Language which is used to bring remembrance to the power of Self-Awareness.

Jacquelina: Jacquelina is devoted to exploring Universal wisdoms, discovering and sharing how we can remember these ancient teachings and how we can exist as our fullest Self. She invites truth to be experienced through Presence. Jacquelina is a facilitator of yoga, traditional thai massage, transformational breathwork and sacred tattooing. For more information, check out her website:

Please bring: your yoga mat and water container (fresh well water will be provided). To deepen your ability to relax and release, also bring blanket(s) [2 if possible], cushions/bolsters/blocks [1-3 if possible]). There may be a limited amount provided from our facilitators.

Please register with either Jacquelina or Ocian or through the CorUnum Yurt page. Limited spaces available. UPON REGISTRATION you will receive much needed directions, parking and location information.

See you in the forest!

Earlier Event: February 2
Later Event: February 8
Tea-Leaf Reading and Sound Integration