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Vibrational Activation Journey

  • Church Of Truth 111 Superior Street Victoria BC Canada (map)

Sacred Centres ; Vibrational Activation Journey 

Join Jordi Lydia Klassen and Ocian Ward in this  Alchemical, Vibrational, Activating Journey. 


Join us in this Journey of activation, expression and alignment of our internal energy systems. 

This Journey is created to take you through an activation of your Sacred Centres; [Chakra System] through opening up your vocal chords, stimulating your breath cycle, and by entering into your personal power by having the ability to express and feel your inner strength, hear your inner song, and feel your authentic frequency.

This is an inner exploration, however in harmonizing our vocal expressions, we unite within unity consciousness, internally and externally, gifting ourselves with a higher state of being. Embrace the authentic tracks of love and harmony, evolve your consciousness, and embrace your truthful expression. 


BREATH, AUTHENTIC VOICE and OUR NATURAL SOUND are some of our greatest healing tools. 

Our breath; supports us in exploring inward, in nourishing our body, minds and spirits with life force, and in feeding the external world with our out-breath. Our breath gives us the ability to transform and transmute energy, gives us the awareness we need to move through what is going on beneath our surface, and gifts us with a passageway into our hearts.

Our voice; when we hear our own selves speak truth and affirm our authentic selves, can gift us with assurance and healing towards our natural state of being, in flow with what it is we truly desire and what is truthfully in alignment with our Sacred Path. 

Our sound; tone and vibrational frequency can help to carry us home, into the Medicine Song of the Soul, into the Heart of Unity, and into the Roots of our Primal Being. Our bodies resonate on a cellular, microcosmic level with sound and with vibrations. A simple beat can lull us home into comfort and ease, a melody can carry us through time into a space once known, and a subtle whisper can create a response within a moment. 

Woven together, we use these three natural healing components to elevate our awareness, to heighten our senses and to anchor us in to presence. When we do this, we can begin to heal, transform and lift our spirits, sustainably, naturally and within our own ability to do so. 


This space is a meditative, and inward journey, however the use of our voices will weave us together as one, as we not only hold space for ourselves, but as we come together and unite within our Authentic Expression. 

This is an experiential experience, and each individual carries their own experience shared in the collective container. Your journey into harmony is your very own, however alongside your brothers and sisters, you can feel supported, validated and nourished in deep depths of the heart. 




*Please email transfer to to register your space.*

*Please connect with Jordi with any questions or for low income support.

**Pre-registration is required**



We enter through the passage ways of the self to bring ourselves home, into our selves, into our bodies, into our hearts. 

When we journey in a supportive setting, it can allow us time and space to sit and to simply just be. It gifts us with an opportunity to be witnessed in our realness, and it brings us the healing energy we need to recalibrate, recharge, and realign with our highest alignment and hearts. 



>Come to educate the Self on the movement of Energy through the Chakra System.

>Come to explore your Vocal Expression. 

>Come and deepen your awareness of your breath and its cycle. 

>Come to Activate your being into higher frequency’s and tune in to the vibration of Love, Bliss, Harmony, and Unity. 



These activations can be quite powerful on the body, as our body’s resonate with sound on a cellular level. This can deepen our Self Healing work, as we are able to heighten our self awareness and gift our body with space to transition back into its most natural, truest form. 



6:30 - Space Opens 

7:00 - Journey Begins

10:00 -Closing Circle 

10:30 - Space Closes 

*Please arrive within the arrival window of 6:30-7:00pm to ensure a readiness to begin for 7:00pm*

**This Space is held for aprx 4hrs*



- Meditation cushion/blanket

- Yoga mat

- Water bottle 

- Journal/notebook 

- Crystals/items for the altar 

- - 

*Please arrive within the arrival window of 6:30-7:00pm to ensure a readiness to begin for 7:00pm*

**This Space is held for aprx 4hrs*

- - 

*Please email transfer to to register your space.*

*Please connect with Jordi with any questions or for low income support.

**Pre-registration is required**



Jordi Lydia Klassen; Founder and visionary behind Inner Awakenings, SHE and the expressionist behind sheisishe. 

‘ I am on a mission, a quest if you will, and a continuous journey to live within the fullness of this gift of a life that I have to live, and to then share the gifts that I uncover and discover along the way. 


I believe we have an abundance of resources available to us to create a reality that is incredibly fulfilling, rewarding and sustainable. It is up to each one of us however, on an individual level to recognize and utilize these resources. 

Through Self-Discovery and embodied awareness I believe that we can open the gateways into the gardens we have all been seeking, all in our own ways, throughout out own truths. We are the Alchemists, we are the great Artists, we are the Embodied Bliss, we are the ones we have been waiting for. ‘ 

Jordi creates containers for individuals to dive deep on the inside, to further experience their being, and to then welcome a deeper embodiment of the Truth that arises to the surface through such presence. These containers are held for self discovery and experiential awareness, alongside classroom explorations to evolve the intellectual aspect of your understanding to further sustain embodiment and evolved awareness.

Jordi is a Mother, Writer and Guide, a Reiki Master Intuitive and a Vision Carrier within Truth of the Sacred. 

Welcome yourself home into the Divine Truth that you organically are. 

Ocian Ward: 

Ocian of Ocian Sound Medicine Music is an established sound practitioner, offering to audiences all across Canada and beyond. Since 2010, she has been weaving together deeply transformative and profound healing spaces. She hosts and co-creates circles, ceremony and journeys, with the intention to create resilient, self aware individuals and empowered communities through the ‘Art of the Muses’: Music & Sound. By combining this fundamental building block of life (sound) with Usui Reiki (masters level), Massage & Touch Therapy and most recently The Alchemists Path: Celtic Shamanism, Wildwood Priestess training and Numa Somatics Breathwork, Ocian facilitates private and group Journeys for participants to safely explore the inner world and all it contains. These sessions can include instruments such as: Crystal Bowls, Crystal Lyre, Chimes, Rattles & Feathers, Steel & Medicine Drum, her latest the Sansula and Triple Drone Flute and most specially her etheric and powerful vocal harmonics. These sessions are deeply relaxing and rejuvenating, bringing people into deep states of cathartic release. Many participants have reports of incredible physical, mental, emotional and spiritual shifts after their sessions. 


We look forward to co-creating this space with you, to connecting deeper, and to rising beside you. 

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