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Cycles of Transformation: QiGong, breathwork and sound

  • Church of Truth 111 Superior Street Victoria, BC, V8V 1T2 Canada (map)

Join Tanya Devine, Ocian Flo and Sean T Fox in powerful waves of transformation through breath, movement and sound. We will be flowing through an amazing sequence of Yoga and Qi Gong, Transformational Breathwork and Sound Healing to create space for our potent growth and evolution!

Qi Gong Yoga integrates ancient arts of awareness and movement to meet in the Unity of breath. We use the principles of both these powerful practices to open our beings through gentle, flowing movements, conscious breath and focused intention. This creates space and clarity within the physical, emotional and mental bodies in preparation for a ceremony of transformational breathwork.

Sound Healer Tanya Devine will offer her Mystical Breath remix accompanied with live instruments to take you on a Deep Healing Journey using Australian Didjeridus, Crystal and Tibetan Singing Bowls, a Medicine Drum, A Steel Tongue Drum, Chimes and more.. 
Creating a safe deep space for you to dive into through sound and ceremony. 


Limitless Benefits: 
Breathwork has profound benefits, and is an on-going practice. Performing Aletheia breathwork enables you to......
Gain Clarity
Express suppressed emotions
Release old tensions
Amplify Energy
Expand awareness
Remove negative blocks
Forgive past occurrences
Feel empowered
Cultivate inspiration
Settle into a deep relaxed state
Tap into your truest you
To take a moment, and really, just really breathe. 

Technical Aspects of Aletheia Breathwork:
There are a few key parts to the breathing pattern:
1. It is conscious so you are very aware of the fact you are breathing
2. It is connected so that the natural pause between the inhale and exhale is merged, creating a continuous loop of breath.
3. It is relaxed, meaning the exhale is relaxed, and there is emphasis on the inhale.
4. It is open, meaning it is performed with a wide open mouth. 
5. It is deep, meaning you are breathing fully into the lower belly, and all the way up into the chest.


Value: $33-55 sliding scale (a few tickets available for low income) 
Please Bring: Cushions, blankets as needed (some provided) Yoga mats, wear comfortable clothes with some layers.

Earlier Event: January 20
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