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Love Bath

  • CorUnum Yurt 5990 Old West Saanich Road Victoria, BC, V9E Canada (map)

Nature's Chef & SoundSeed Medicine Journeys is inviting you and that special someone in your life to celebrate LOVE! May we bathe in abundance of it. (( ♥ )) This magical evening is to include a wildcrafted dinner & sound seed meditation.
During this time of year, we create intimate moments and sacred times of honouring partnership. We certainly are evolving how we relate to one another and the definition of how we arrange our personal relationships has opened vastly in the last generations of growth. Though we are are not limited to our labels, we all share a common need for intimacy, love and moments in celebration with those who mean the most to us. Regardless of how you choose to relate to your special someone's, we invite you to celebrate your partners and relationships with this quiet intimate evening.
To start our evening of bathing in love, Ocian Sound will lead us through Dyading.
What is Dyad? Dyading is a formal contemplative practice that allows two people to provide safe space for eachother to explore specific topics that provoke insight, deep realizations and a moment to be fully heard. In this practice of inquiry, participants are invited to come with openness, curiosity and a willingness to verbally exchange with a partner. Ocian will offer a few specific topics to explore together with in partner settings before we indulge in a "made with love” dinner.
Nature’s Chef is preparing nature inspired tapas; plant based, gluten free with wild fish and sourdough bread option. Ooh and RAW chocolate fondue to finish the meal! Menu to be posted on event page, stay tuned. Following dinner Ocian Sound will lead us into sound mediation. Music will guide the evening as you bask in the glow of love.
Let this evening be a celebration of your loves in this intimate setting of dining and sound in this sacred space. We will be found in the woods in the candle lite CorUnum yurt temple, cozy and warm.
♥ pillow or cushion
♥ yoga mat
♥ blanket
♥ slippers
♥ water bottle
♥ someone you love
Preregistration is required. Your investment will ensure your space at this heart-nourishing gathering.
Couples ticket $120 To reserve your seat, please click ticket link. You will checkout via safe and secure Paypal.

Feel free to contact Tom for any dietary concerns or questions at
250.580.0010 or
♥ Ocian Sound - SoundSeed Medicine
Ocian is the founder of SoundSeed Medicine Journeys. As a sound practitioner since 2010, Ocian gracefully weaves in a plethora of modalities to create one-of-a-kind experiences, every time. Ocian is a visionary, an intuitive, a spiritual teacher and coach, using frequency and vibration to harmonize the body, mind and soul. By combining this fundamental building block of life (sound) with Usui Reiki (masters level), hot-stone therapy, touch therapy and most recently The Alchemists Path: Celtic Shamanism and Numa Somatics Breathwork, Ocian facilitates group Journeys for participants to safely explore the inner world and all it contains. These sessions include Crystal Bowls, Crystal Lyre, Crystal didjeridu, Zaphir and Koshi Chimes, Rattles, drum and others, along with her etheric and powerful voice. Her one-on-one sessions include Hot-Stone Massage Therapy on a Vibrational Sound Table, with the live instruments, creating a unique, relaxing experience. As she works, Ocian can hear, feel and sometimes see the underlying vibrational and energetic patterns held within the body or group energy field. She uses this clairaudience to offer an awareness of these patterns, with a reminder of the power of our personal beliefs, stories, and most importantly, our own ability to be the catalyst for our own repatterning. This work offers each person the potential and the power of self-healing and self-awareness.
♥ Nature's Chef:
Tom Kral - Private Holistic Chef
Over 20 years of professional cooking experience and a bloodline of cooks has evolved Tom Kral into Nature’s Chef. From a child growing up in a family run deli to former owner and executive chef of a renowned restaurant and catering in Toronto, ON., he finally came to settle in supernatural BC because of the irresistible call for the wild. His passion for putting medicine back into our food quickly grew into a whole new genre of dining experience which he delivers to others through edutainment.