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Resonance Presence: 8 week Program

  • CorUnum Yurt 5990 Old West Saanich Road Victoria, BC, V9E Canada (map)

Resonance Presence Program

When: Wednesdays, March 6- April 24

Where: The CorUnum Yurt

Time: 7-10pm

Many years ago, I launched this program based on my own self-taught journey which was then called The Chakra Journey. There was so much interest, such profound changes in people with more and more people registering, it was so beautiful! But with the quick expansion of this project, I wasn’t prepared for the growth in numbers.  Looking back now, I understand that I simply wasn’t ready to hold space for all those people. So, I kept this beautiful babe close to my heart and soul, knowing I needed to do more of my own work before I allowed this program to really grow into its full maturity... recently, it has been calling me back, and until now, my response has been not yet! Not yet! My fears of failure got the best of me.
NOW!             I. AM. READY.           ARE. YOU? 
This program now, is a combination of all the amazing teachings I have received, programs I have taken, plants I have sat with over the last four years, all bundled up in this revised journey. 
So, if your still with me, here is a bit more information:

“Bear witness to consciousness through the observation of the human experience.”

The Resonance Presence Program is a Right of Passage into the self. The intention of this journey is to empower the fully embodied being into self awareness, awakening and full participation of life in hopes to ensure thriving and resiliant communities, full of people that are intimately connected to eachother and the land.

This is the process of helping to answer the longest standing inquiry in human existence: “Who Am I?”

Resiliancy and self awareness is key to finding this endless answer, but most of us haven’t been taught how to be resiliant or self aware. 
Resonance Presence will have participants prepare in a safe container to receive guidance on tracking behaviours and in this process, learn how to take full responsibility for our subconscious patterns. It’s in the moments of chaos and turmoil, we truly face ourselves. This is a tool to help navigate and heal present and past traumas so as to have a future of ease, regardless of what arises in your internal or external environment. 

Resonance Presence Program invites us into 8 weeks of initiation, witnessing, observing and visiting all those pieces of ourselves we dont often look at.

**Weekly group sessions that can include sharing circle, Q&A, breathwork, sound journeys, vocal practice, ceremony and other ways of integrating what is needed and letting go of what isn’t, actually.
**Weekly one-on-one sessions recommended, by phone or in person (not included in value below)
**Teachings on daily process work done on your own
**Weekly ebooklets & more. 

Full Value: $444
Early Registration: now until February 4th. $400
Low Income: (3 spaces av.) $333
NR Deposit required: $150 
Payment Plan available upon request

For introduction video and more information, email