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Soul Steeping: Nurturing the Divine Femine

  • Medicine Nest 532 Herald Street Victoria, BC, V8W 1S6 Canada (map)


Come in and take a seat. 
Embrace comfort and rest your feet. 
Slumbering in the womb, here. 
You don't need shoes or underwear. 
I’d like to introduce a few of my friends
Who you choose, well that depends.
We have lady’s mantle & rose petal
Both of which, love the kettle. 
As the whistle steams and the water boils
We call on the Feminine and she uncoils. 
From our vaginal walls to our esophagus lining
These medicines swirl, our whole being aligning. 
The Ancients say, as above, so below. 
So here, we come, to embrace our flow. 
Lingering aromas of herb & dried flower,
Each moment revealing your depth & your power.
Stories be woven as threads unravel,  
This love & this journey, it’s not far to travel. 
These women and this body,
Receiving bliss & Samadhi. 
An experience for the Soul,
The truth lies in your bowl
From laughter to weeping
This, is your steeping. 
- Karli Kuruz
Join us for an enticing and sensual experience of soul nurturance. Bathe in the gifts of a melodic Yoni steam and Tea Ceremony as you receive the healing elixir of plant medicines. Steep your Soul in a gentle & loving experience designed to cleanse, soften & extract the Divine Feminine harmony within. 

6:30-7:00: Opening Ceremony & Smudging
7:00-8:00: Yoni Steam & Sound Healing
8:00-9:00: Tea Ceremony Meditation
9:00-9:30: Soulful Sharing & Closing 

Cost: $35 - MUST register 12 hours in advance. Limited spots available! Register early to secure your spot. 

Please BRING a medium-sized bowl & blankets for your Yoni steam.