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Yoni Steam and SoundSeed Ceremony

  • 1431 Northmount Drive Northwest Calgary, AB, T2L 0G5 Canada (map)

We are women. We are the womb of humanity. When we gather, we have the power and potential to move mountains, if we choose. Let us nurture this power together in gentle solidarity. Embracing ourselves just as we are; while simultaneously growing in the truth of oneness. We do not fight against, but rather stand for our whole human family. 

As sisters, we come together to share in our health and wealth in a nurturing, safe, supportive space. We will set the tone of the evening to be a deep exploration of our diverse creative, passionate sister-hood in the beautiful sanctuary home of The Hive. We begin the evening with a checkin, and move into information and herb selection and into a delicious tea ceremony. We then move gracefully into the steam while Ocian serenades us with her beautiful sounds. 

What is a yoni steam? 

Yoni steam: a steam for the yoni (a Sanskrit word meaning Source of life, vagina) we use specific herbal blends brewed into a tea. We women wrap ourselves in towels and blankets and literally sit on top of the bowl or pot with the warmed herbal brew made especially for your yoni... 

Physiologically, the very sensitive tissues of the vagina are easily able to absorb all the nutrients of the herbs used, surprisingly this practice does effect the inner walls, lining even the uterus and womb itself. This practice has incredible medicinal qualities to offer your mental, emotional space as well as physical and energetic results. There are herbs that are uterine stimulants that help regulate bleeding, there are cleansing and detoxing herbs that flush out stagnant energies and toxins, there are other herbs that help calm, soothe and offer your feminine force a space to receive and nurture. Every person with a yoni/vagina NEEDS to experience the amazing sensations and healing of the ancient ritual, the Yoni Steam. A profound experience indeed! 


Pregnant women

Schedule: 6:45pm doors open

7:00pm opening circle, choosing your herbs and herbal information

Tea ceremony

Yoni Steam and SoundSeed Journey

Integration and closing sharing circle

When: Thursday November 8th 7:00pm-10:00pm

Where: 1431 Northmount Drive NW, Calgary

Value: $30 there are a few spaces for low-income options. Reach out for further information.

What is included: Herbs for steam, loving space and facilitation, steam information, and tea.

What to bring: medium sized bowl (ceramic is best), towels, blankets, cushions, yoga blocks or squatti potti (also known as a Yoni Throwni! if you have them these are optional) wear a long skirt and layers. 

Limited spaces available:

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