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Ocian Sound
Medicine Music


works with Harmonic Language, Crystal Singing Bowls, Crystal Lyre, and other sacred instruments,


Bringing you closer to Spirit.




Album Release! 


coming soon

The long awaited Ocian Sound Album is almost here!


Belonging to Water

is a full 60min deep dive journey into the soundscapes of the elements. The journey is divided into three 20min sessions should you only have time and space for a mini refresher throughout the day or before bed. Whether you are needing grounding, energy, calm, spiritual guidance, or even some deep provocative sounds for your yoga or movement practice, this soundscape has all needs met.


Rejuvenate your entire being with a one-on-one Sound and Body healing session from Ocian.

Ocian offers a variety of 60-minute and 90-minute sessions, including hot stone relaxation massage, ceremonial sound journey, and Numa somatic breath work, all on a vibrational sound table in a beautiful yurt in the Saanich forest.