"Liquid Sound" Aura Spray


"Liquid Sound" Aura Spray


Liquid Sound has many layers of vibrational medicine with intentions and ritual invoked in each bottle of this handcrafted mixture. Spray this delightful mist in your home or work space, or directly onto your body. Feel these nurturing qualities complement your naturally occurring vibrations, offering a sense of balance between the masculine, feminine energies; thus giving way to birth.

Sound is the most powerful medicine for the human energy field. When we imprint liquid, and especially water, with specific tones and frequencies, we are able to capture and work with the profound healing qualities of these tones, within the perfectly adaptive water molecule. When we spray these high-vibrational, healing water mixtures in a room or an energy field, we are intending to attune to this sound frequency and bring these incredible benefits into our energy field, and in turn into our bodies and minds.

The benefits of receiving this vibrational information are vast. For this specific spray, the frequency that is imprinted in this liquid is Balance between Masculine and Feminine energies within the body. Held within this balance, the Liquid Sound intrinsically then also contains, Conception. When we tune in and embrace these not aposing but complimentary energies, we are able to both hold the container for creation and the activation of it, thus inhabiting the perfect environment for life to begin the journey, once again.


Tones Included:

D Womb

Physically, the Womb vibration resonates with the reproductive system, circulatory system and the entire elimination system. This tone gives us the awareness of physical integrity and balance, offering the softness of being comfortable in one's skin. The Womb energy speaks to a profound contentment with what is. It gives us the ability to receive from our environment, containing and holding only what is chosen. This is the empowered feminine.

The Womb connects to the sacral chakra, located just below the belly button. This energy invites us to receive and give ourselves and others acceptance of this vulnerability.
*Good for developing sensation and emotion
*Awakens the desire to blossom
*Seed - containment only with consent
*Initiates the gathering of forces

E Activate

Physically, the digestive system and adrenals are intimately connected to tone E. Specifically, the Activate tone connects to the stomach, liver, gallbladder and vibrates with the movement and assimilation of ingredients as we digest. The full left hemisphere of the brain is in resonance with this sound.

E tone is good for bringing in the energy of decisiveness and giving us deeper clarity and choosing what is taken in and what is let go.
*Penetration only with permission
*Awakens our power to initiate action
*Good for transcendence into high vibrations

C# Birthing

Physically, this tone resonates in the area of the sacrum where it meets the lumbar, also to say, where solid meets the movable.

The Birthing tone relates to the womb of the feminine and the β€˜hara’ of the masculine. Here, we embrace our sexuality, both the reception and penetration aspects. Both are needed not as opposing energies, but rather the parallel or polarizing expressions that hold and activate the beginnings of life.

C# is also to honour and open the body and mind to express emotions, fully feeling both pleasure and pain equally and appropriately without reservation.
This tone helps integrate painful or otherwise difficult birth experiences, especially caesareans.
*Yes to Life
*Good for feeling balanced in both feminine and masculine energies
*The Third Thing

Essential Oils:

Cedar wood


*I trust in my own perfection
*I trust that the infinite intelligence is present in every thought, action and moment in all lifetimes
*I honour the power within me
*I am in tune with higher self and my physicality equally
*I open myself to the divine and manifest a perfect reflection of self
*I birth this project with intention