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Shamanic SoundSeed Medicine Journey

  • Collective Space 166 Station St Duncan Canada (map)

This is a special sound journey that has the influences of Celtic Shamanism. This evening, we explore the "upper world" through our collective intentions and our desire to see what is beyond the veil for each of us. The Upper world is a space where we can connect with our ever present guides, angels, deities, shamans, spirit kin both seen and unseen to help us navigate the experience of life. 

Together, we will set the space with Ocian's soft guidance and will have ample time to raise up into this angelic realm to discover the parts of ourselves that have always been there, that only need our focus, will and YES to witness and embody it. 

We will begin the journey with Cody Wicks on the drum and continue with crystal bowls, crystal Lyre, crystal didj, chimes, and other sound instruments. 

6:45pm doors open
7pm welcome, intention sharing, upper world info, what to expect, cacao elixir served. 
8pm SoundSeed Upper World Journey Ft. Cody Wicks with Drum
9:15pm journaling time
9:30pm Closing, sharing, integration. 

Investment: $25
Provided: Cacao elixir, facilitation, space
Please Bring: cushions, blankets, layered clothing, your favourite mug, Journal.
*Some blankets, mugs provided
*your journal will help you integrate the information you receive during your journey. 

About Ocian:
Ocian is the founder of SoundSeed Medicine Journeys. As a sound practitioner since 2010, Ocian gracefully weaves in a plethora of modalities to create one-of-a-kind experiences, every time. Ocian is a visionary, an intuitive, a spiritual teacher and coach, using frequency and vibration to harmonize the body, mind and soul. By combining this fundamental building block of life (sound) with Usui Reiki (masters level), hot-stone therapy, touch therapy and most recently The Alchemists Path: Celtic Shamanism and Numa Somatics Breathwork, Ocian facilitates group Journeys for participants to safely explore the inner world and all it contains. These sessions include Crystal Bowls, Crystal Lyre, Crystal didjeridu, Zaphir and Koshi Chimes, Rattles, drum and others, along with her etheric and powerful voice. Her one-on-one sessions include Hot-Stone Massage Therapy on a Vibrational Sound Table, with the live instruments, creating a unique, relaxing experience. As she works, Ocian can hear, feel and sometimes see the underlying vibrational and energetic patterns held within the body or group energy field. She uses this clairaudience to offer an awareness of these patterns, with a reminder of the power of our personal beliefs, stories, and most importantly, our own ability to be the catalyst for our own repatterning. This work offers each person the potential and the power of self-healing and self-awareness.

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